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We are looking for an Iowa Flat Fee MLS Listing Broker

The Flat Fee MLS Listing Package is available to For Sale By Owner Sellers in your area. Recommended cooperative commission amount is between 2-3% (depending on area) to be paid only if you accept an offer from a buyer with a real estate agent involved, saving you thousands of dollars.

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We are looking for an Iowa Flat Fee MLS Listing Broker

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How it works: In a traditional real estate transaction, you would pay around 6% at closing. Out of this 6%, half, or 3% usually goes to the listing agent, and 3% goes to the buyer's agent. With a flat fee listing, you eliminate the 3% listing commission and replace it with the flat fee listing price for your package above. You get all the same exposure and the same MLS listing that you normally would for a full 6%.

If a buyer's agent is involved in bringing a buyer to you, you still pay a commission to that agent as you would in a traditional real estate transaction -- this is what motivates them to show your home. However, through the whole process, you retain the right to sell your home yourself to save even more money. In fact, our typical seller saves $8,072!

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