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Deluxe Sign Post

Deluxe Sign Post
Real Estate Deluxe Sign Post

The most professional yard sign of all!

  • Five feet tall
  • Sturdy, wide ~3.5 inch wide posts
  • Easy two minute installation, no digging and no installer necessary
  • Easy-one screw to tighten
  • High quality vinyl looks better than wood, does not fade (material similar to vinyl fences)
  • Price includes shipping

The deluxe sign post generally ships same business day for two to four day delivery unless otherwise noted. Note: Deluxe Posts are shipped in separate packages from other signage, and generally arrive 1-3 days later than other hardware. Surcharge applies to shipping outside the continental United States, where available. Overnight/express shipping is not available, and does not apply to Deluxe Posts.

Important Note: Check local laws, association regulations, or bylaws for sign and post requirements for your property. A hammer is suggested for installation if ground is frozen/hard.

Deluxe Sign Post pictured with a blank sign panel and sign rider, which are not included and should be ordered separately. Sign end cap design varies from photo.

Video of Real Estate Post Installation in just a few moments:



What is included: