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The statistics are compiled!
BuySelf sellers are 16% more likely to sell their home, when compared to other well know flat fee MLS listing services.

BuySelf sellers sell faster, also. BuySelf listings are on the market for 19 fewer days than other flat fee MLS home sellers. For the past 2 years, the BuySelf average seller sold in 32 days--19 days faster than the other large flat fee MLS services (in the studied markets-2018-2019).

What does Stanford University say about self MLS listing for a flat fee versus traditional agents?

The National Bureau of Economic Research published a joint study by Stanford and Texas A&M University about selling a home. This study took a detailed look of the pros and cons of a home seller using a self MLS listing for a flat fee versus a traditional agency.

Here is the executive summary, which finds that home sellers "net" less money when they use a traditional agent.  

Pros of FHA and VA mortgages:

FHA and VA mortgage loans are for buyers with less cash available for their down payment. This enables many more people to buy a home than otherwise would be capable. More buyers to consider your property is good thing in general, but for some sellers considering FHA/VA offers may not be best for their specific situation. FHA is perhaps the most popular and effective government program ever to encourage home ownership, with a long history of success. However, the program can have drawbacks.

 Many flat fee home sellers have a difficult time deciding whether the cost of a professional photographer is worth it. We recently received photos from a seller that were not the best, to put it politely. Fortunately, the seller took our advice and spent the typical $150 for professional photography. The transformation was breathtaking. Since a picture is worth 1,000 words, we will share fewer words and just let the amateur versus professional pictures stand side by side and let you be the judge:

Amateur Real Estate Photographer:

Over 100 flat fee MLS home seller reviews on google reviews

Thank you to all the customers who liked our service so much that they reviewed our service. We are proud to announce that we received our 100th review on Google. We have actually been reviewed by well over 100 flat fee home sellers previously, but we lost over 40 reviews when Yahoo decided to sell its review section to a paid review vendor. Unfortunately, that review vendor immediately deleted all the old yahoo reviews when they took over in 2016.