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BuySelf, Inc., Real Estate, Flat Fee MLS Listing Home Sales,Bloomington, MN

The Highest Rated Flat Fee MLS Listing Brokerage

BuySelf Realty is proud to the highest rated flat fee MLS listing service, and you can see for yourself by customers reviews of the service we provide. These evaluations and comments were posted at independent websites where a complaint could be posted and not removed, unlike testimonials.

These flat fee seller reviews, and our track record of more than 18,000 flat fee sellers, are some of the reasons that BuySelf Realty is the most trusted name in flat fee home sales.

To see a few of these flat fee MLS reviews, click on the following links:

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FaceBook Reviews since early 2016

Better Business Bureau Reviews Link

Any established flat fee broker should have lots of online reviews. Don't risk your time and money with the questionable flat fee websites with no track record. The average flat fee seller saves $8,000 in commissions, they get into trouble trying to save a few more dollars with an inferior flat fee MLS service.