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One of our sellers recently had a compliment that we usually don’t hear. This wasn’t a compliment from a seller, about our service (we hear those regularly)—this was a compliment from a buyer agent to our seller. We just happened to be carbon copied on the email exchange between our seller and the buyer agent. The buyer agent said “You are a great seller to work with!”

The blog is back—sorry about the technical difficulties we experienced with the blog. We have most of the posts transferred over to this new website. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get peoples’ comments to transfer, so you will only see Albert’s posts.

My year in Executive Committee leadership of the Realtor Association has ended. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and to meet so many excellent professionals in the real estate industry. The service has made me a more informed professional, and I look forward to more involvement in the future. I would like to thank lots of people for their assistance, but I don’t think you necessarily want to read a list of names. However, one person that must be mentioned is Mike Hoffman-thank you for setting an excellent example of how to lead.

I am surprised to find out that I was mentioned recently in the Inman News “100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders” report. This report “highlights the real estate industry's 100 most influential people” from Inman News, an established real estate industry news source. I never expected to be described as a “notable individuals who are worthy of mention.”
I’d like to thank my team, this publicity is the result of their work in leading the Flat Fee MLS Brokerage Industry. This recognition wouldn’t have been possible without their commitment to excellence.