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What do I need to do to sell my house through your program?

From the very beginning to the end of the home selling process, we are here to answer your basic real estate questions. Our home selling system is designed for the first time home seller with no real estate knowledge.

To sell a property through our program, a seller will:

  1. Order our service on our website or by calling us.

  2. Receive the listing questionnaire and forms by email, usually within 40-90 minutes of order, or the next day when ordering after hours.

  3. Answer basic questions about their property by completing a questionnaire about the details of the property. For most sellers, completing the questionnaire is easy and takes no more than 20 minutes.

  4. Decide the asking price for the property. While many of our sellers already know exactly what price they want to ask, additional help is always available (exact options depend on your zip code, contact us for details).

  5. Either take photos of the property or elect for optional professional photography (typically around $149).

  6. Have all owners of the property agree to list the property in writing (on one of the forms we provide).

  7. Approve, deny, or request a different time when a showing request time is received. Example: "Can we see your property at noon on Saturday?"

  8. Promptly respond to inquiries within 24 hours (faster is suggested).

  9. Ask any questions the seller has, at any time in the process (questions that are brokerage cannot answer will be directed to the appropriate professional).

  10. Upon receiving an offer, decide if they would like to accept an offer based on the price, closing date, appliances, and other terms proposed by the buyer (additional guidance and answers to questions are available).

  11. Upon accepting an offer/purchase agreement, follow simple directions from the closing professional.

  12. Approve, deny, or request a different time when inspection or appraisal request time is received.

  13. If the buyer elects to have an inspection and requests either repairs or other adjustment to the purchase agreement, decide whether you wish to accept those adjustments, propose a different adjustment, or find a different buyer.

  14. In the time before the closing, follow simple directions from the closing professional.

  15. Closing is easy and stress free—generally no last minute decisions need to be made, nothing negotiated, a mere formality. Decide on whether you would like to do a traditional in person closing with the buyer, a remote closing, pre-sign the closing documents ahead of time at your convenience, or in some areas, an electronic closing (options vary by your area).

  16. Bring the items you are requested to bring to the closing (most common items: state ID, a list of all the addresses where you have lived in the past 10 years, your new mailing address, keys to the property, and garage door opener remotes).

  17. Follow the directions of the closing professional. Remember, just a formality, and pick up your home sale proceeds check.

  18. Notice how much larger your home sale proceeds check is than if you had sold with a traditional huge commission Realtor.

  19. Celebrate your success, should you use some of the savings for a trip? Or a new car... you decide!

  20. Leave a review for BuySelf on how well it went. 


Feel free to ask us for additional information or an example of any of these items. Remember, one of the most frequent comments we hear from customers is “you made it simple.”


What an actual Flat Fee MLS Listing Seller says...

"I was very pleased with BuySelf Realty with how quickly they got back to me with my questions. 

They made the experience very easy and kept me well informed along the way...

The sales and closing process went very smoothly."


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