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Can I have an open house with your service?

Yes, sellers are free to hold as many open houses as they wish. It is not required to notify us when you have an open house, unless you are in an area where the MLS will list open houses, AND you wish for the open house to be listed on the MLS. In some areas, posting open houses in the MLS is an optional item that involves an additional charge. Let us know your zip code and we can let you know the options for your particular area.

Keep in mind that nearly 90% of our sellers who have spent the time to have an open house did not find it worthwhile in our post closing evaluation. Statistically, less than 1% of properties are sold to a buyer who found the property by viewing an open house. In most areas, the insider perspective is that open houses would be an extinct relic of 1950's real estate if they were not a somewhat effective way for Realtors to get buyer clients.

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