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Property Visit to install lockbox and basic yard sign

Property Visit to install lockbox and basic yard sign

Ideal for out of town sellers who want to get their property listed while still out of town. Need someone to stop by the property to install the sign and lockbox? The installer may also be available to take photos of the property.

Limited geographic availability, some areas are available but have a trip surcharge. Generally can be scheduled within 2-5 business days, as it requires the sign and lockbox to be shipped to the installer, in addition to the flat fee MLS home seller shipping house key(s) to the installer. Installation may not be available for signage other than main sign, including deluxe post install (limited availability and an additional charge).

This service is not to be confused with or considered property management or emergency service. The property owner retains complete responsibility for the property and should not expect or rely on this service to respond to unusual or emergency situations that can happen with any property such as a broken or jammed lock, utility/system malfunction/stoppage/leak, etc. Only available with purchase of a flat fee MLS listing package through this website. This service is provided by an independent contractor, not a real estate licensee or brokerage employee, and payment (or portion thereof) to this website may need to be refunded for property owner to directly contract/pay the independent contractor, depending on the state. Not available for urgent or emergency services of any kind.