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Electronic Lock Box Rental

Electronic Lockbox Supra i Box BT LE
Electronic Lockbox Supra i Box BT LE Rental

The lockboxes used by most real estate companies today. Offers improved security and easier showing scheduling than other lockboxes. Rental price above is good for the entire time the property is listed, and includes outbound shipping.

Nearly every licensed Realtor has a Supra Key electronic key that allows them to access this key lockbox. The electronic keys must be updated by the agents every day or they become inoperable, so there is little or no chance that anyone but a currently licensed member in good standing can access these lockboxes.

This lockbox records the time, date, and agent contact information for every showing (note: reports are not complete until showing agent next updates their keybox, which may result in some delay). Reports are available on a weekly basis by request.

Important notice: Lockboxes must be attached to an immovable object near the door by the provided external cable lock. Lockboxes must be returned by the seller within 1 week after closing occurs-seller must pay for return shipping. The seller is responsible for the lockbox, in the event it is lost or stolen there is an additional $125 charge.

Subject to available inventory. Not available for all areas. Deposit may be required.