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The Right MLS Guarantee

We guarantee your property will be in the right Multiple Listing Service(MLS). We only place listings in the primary MLS used by buyer agents in the area. Unlike other brokers, we don’t believe placing a listing in any nearby Multiple Listing Service is acceptable. Unfortunately, many Flat Fee MLS companies put sellers into the wrong MLS (not used by agents in the area) because it costs more money to be in more than one MLS in a state (the average state has 15 different MLSs).

As you can imagine, these websites don't admit to this practice, they just don't mention any kind of a Right MLS Guarantee.

As one of the first flat fee brokers, an industry leader and pioneer for over a decade, we know that a sale is difficult or impossible in the wrong MLS. Our knowledgeable team researches and understands which MLS is right for a property. We simply don't offer service in areas where we don't have access to the right MLS.

If for any reason you aren’t listed in the right MLS, we will correct the situation promptly or give you your money back.