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How are BuySelf home sellers 16% more successful?

BuySelf sellers are 16% more likely to sell their home, when compared to other well know flat fee MLS listing services.  

BuySelf sellers sell faster, also. BuySelf listings are on the market for 19 fewer days than other flat fee MLS home sellers. For the past 2 years, the BuySelf average seller sold in 32 days--19 days faster than the other large flat fee MLS services (in the studied markets-2018-2020).

Why the huge difference? 

  • BuySelf guides you on how to have a listing that motivates buyer agents to make offers. 
  • A typical unguided flat fee home seller makes 6-9 mistakes without realizing it. 
  • These mistakes delay or kill a sale, and aren't revealed in any way other than the home not selling.