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Do you bid out my listing to other companies?

Unlike some large flat fee companies, we will not bid your listing out to the lowest bidder and keep the difference between what you paid and what the low bidder broker receives. Watch out for flat fee referral companies that use a low bidding system to place your listing. Be careful, some of the best known and largest flat fee websites use a low bidder system, and they obviously don’t advertise this fact. Demand a guarantee in writing to be sure. The guarantee should state that you will not be placed with a listing broker through a bidding system. We guarantee we will not bid out your listing. We believe the "low bidder broker" is bad system that will result in the seller being assigned to a broker who won't answer their phone, provide quality service, and will be looking for other ways to make money on the listing, to the detriment of the seller. For more information, click here.