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Can I get help pricing my home?

Help with setting a price for your home is available. The biggest challenge to pricing a property to sell is getting good information about recently sold homes in the area. Most sellers typically cannot find any complete and accurate information about comparable homes that have sold in the past year.

Without good sold information, pricing is difficult at best. Setting a price based on the prices of currently active homes listed for sale is a bad practice because the price is based on properties that have NOT sold, and will likely sell for less.

With complete and accurate information about recent home sales in the area, sellers feel confident that they have the right price to list on their flat fee MLS listing. A typical seller receives 5-20 recent sold listings that include 10+ photos, 250 fields of information, and remarks about the listing.

Important: For Economy Package customers, and in some areas outside of Illinois, Ohio, Minnesota, Maryland, Tennessee, Eastern Missouri, and Northern Virginia, there may be a nominal charge for pricing information/assistance. Not all areas are available for this service.

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