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Are there any additional fees?

No. The only fee we charge is the listing fee which you pay when you are listed. See our No Hidden Fee Guarantee for more information.

When your home is listed in the MLS, you also list the commission amount you are willing to pay the agent for the buyer (3% recommended, broker minimum may apply). If you accept an offer from a buyer involved with an agent, you pay that commission at closing (BuySelf Realty does not keep any portion of it, it all goes to the buyer's broker). If you accept an offer from a buyer who isn't involved with an agent in any way, then you pay no commission at closing. Shipping costs are included and there are no additional fees charged by other agents involved in the transaction.

We do not charge any other fees to you for the sale of your home, guaranteed. Please call us if you have any question about this.

Note: There are a handful of areas where a required charge at closing is clearly disclosed within the package description on our website. Such fees may not be paid until closing. Please contact us if you have any questions.