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Am I required to be available to show or be at the property I'm selling?

No. Our recommendation is that sellers follow the industry standard procedure and not be there for agent showings (by using a lockbox and the industry security protocol). This creates the ideal selling environment and makes offers more likely. For showings requested from buyers not working with an agent, a seller has options:

  • tell interested buyers the MLS listing number and let them know any Realtor can show the property (this is common for our sellers who don't live near the property they are selling or are busy),
  • arrange for a friend or neighbor to show the property, or 
  • show the property to the buyer themselves.

Our sellers generally need to be available by phone or email to answer questions or respond to offers within 24 hours, and sellers are advised to be available to approve showing times/dates promptly for best results, but none of those requirements require the seller to be at the property. In most areas, for the few sellers who prefer to automatically approve showing requests (typically because no one is at the property or property is vacant), an auto-approve option is available where a seller is simply notified of showings, and not needed to approve each showing request.

Following the real estate industry standard procedure is not just for the convenience of the seller, it is what buyers and their agents expect. Astute sellers will follow the procedure and not be at agent showings even when it is inconvenient, such as a need to remove family members or pets to achieve the ideal showing environment.